1. Unlimited access to health and exercise books and DVDs. Why pay for a gym membership or surround yourself with smelly gym socks when you could bring the health and exercise classes into your home? May I suggest

    Yoga as medicine: the yogic prescription for health & healing

    Your body will thank you.

  2. Free movies and music. Sure its fun to go see the new releases at AMC, but what about the oldies? Betcha your library has a grand selection of the movies and music your parents remember. Sit back, relax, and check out the past!
  3. Language learning books, audio books, and software. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on Rosetta Stone, the Barnes and Nobel language isle, and classes. I borrowed

    Swedish: the short course

    for freesies. Hallå.

  4. All kinds of self-help material. Stuck on the past? Self-destructive behaviors? Looking for happiness? There’s a book for that, that, and that. Plus a whole lot more! You’re a doctor, congratulations.
  5. The entire history as we know it. Whether you missed out on those months studying Ann Frank and the Holocaust in middle school or you can’t quite remember all 43 presidents, the 900s in nonfiction have you covered. Think of all the conversation starters.
  6. Databases so you don’t have to cry over research papers. Face it—school is harder when you use school to do school. Browsing through a public library’s databases can be much more exciting, and in my experience, they are much more user-friendly! And that means no more crying over the search for topic-relevant, full-text, academic primary and secondary source articles. Oh, Academic Search Premier, how I love thee.
  7. Stories galore. If you’re like me, every once in awhile the world sucks and I need to read about a different world. Luckily, public libraries house westerns, romances, mysteries, science fiction, young adult, and literature novels! It’s a good thing the library understands that one day a lady is a southern belle and the next day she’s a European princess courting French men.

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