Yesterday, I tried a hot Teavana Youthberry White Tea from Starbucks. I prefer unsweetened, floral hot teas, and I’m not usually a fan of fruity teas. When it comes to Starbucks teas, I’m usually a straight black tea kind of gal, but I was feeling adventurous. So, after work last night, my hands numb from the cold and four dollars of quarters in my left hand, I drove Le Mini (my Mini Cooper) to the Starbucks down the street and ordered my first hot youthberry tea. Since I had never tried it before, I was given a free sample courtesy à la Barista Boy.

Starbucks describes the tea as:

“A delicate white tea with red currants, açai berry, hibiscus and rose petals, then completed with candied pineapple, mango pieces, Fuji and golden delicious apples. The taste is timeless.”

The description couldn’t be more accurate! It wasn’t like a BAM in-your-face kind of fruity. It was very light. It tasted like warm pineapple and apple with subtle hints of floral. If I was the Queen of England, I would drink this tea out of fancy china tea cups in my castle garden every day.

The best part about this tea is that it has health benefits! White tea is suppose to be great for skin, possibly helping protect skin from harmful UV rays. Not to mention its grand antioxidant properties! Combined with the antioxidants of the fruit infusion and flower petals, this tea  is quite the post-workout treat.

I have seen complaints about the little bit of sugar and sweetener that they put in this tea. It doesn’t appear to be enough to add any calories, though. My guess is that the sugar added to the mango and pineapple is used as a preservative and the sweetener is used to tone down the açai.

While those looking for a completely natural tea may not find this tea appealing, its a grand substitute for sugary coffees and hot chocolates this winter. 🙂

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