I decided it was time for a big-girl purse. I was going to leave my crossbody bag days behind and upgrade to a sophisticated black leather Coach handbag. Less than 24 hours later, I was back in the Coach store exchanging the black handbag for what I really wanted—a DINKY.


I tried several colors of the DINKY bag on and all of them were darling, but when I tried the DINKY on in burnished glovetanned leather (as pictured above), I knew it was my perfect fit. Shout-out to Austin at Coach for helping me. In person, the color is much richer than the photograph on the Coach website does justice. It’s more burgundy looking than the picture captures, and has a rustic, high-fashion design.

At first, I thought the quirky dark metal and leather strap, which, by the way, can be worn as a crossbody or clipped up as a double handle, might hurt my shoulder. Surprisingly, it’s quite light and comfortable. It compliments the dark metal turn lock on the front of the bag, which secures the flap and the contents of your DINKY. 🙂

Somehow, the coach designers made the inside of this bag even more stunning than the outside. Inside the bag is a striking red color, which contrasts the deep tones of the bag’s exterior. The interior also features a useful coin pocket, so you don’t have to weigh your wallet down with loose change.

The only draw back to this bag is its size. It’s truly a minimalist’s bag, capable of fitting only the essentials. Though, it’s so jaw-dropping it may be time to get rid of the clutter anyway (nudge-nudge *wink*).

This is truly a breath-taking bag that scores me tons of compliments. Next on my wish list is the DINKY crossbody 24 in glovetanned leather with rocket embelishment! Any other space fans?

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