A couple of days ago I went into work and was pleasantly surprised to discover an appreciation note in my mailbox. It was a handwritten note from my boss saying my work doesn’t go unnoticed. It wasn’t anything major, but it entirely changed my mood for the better that day.

It’s easy to get whisked away in the hustle and bustle of modern day living. There’s work, school, reading, volunteering, and keeping up with the latest entertainment. Not to mention errands and drive time. It’s easy to take other people for granted. But it’s so important to set aside time to write notes.

Notes benefit both the writer and the receiver. How? First of all, notes give you time to write down something positive. Positive writing can help express emotions and lead to happier living. Of course, reading positive words, especially about yourself, is enough to boost anyone’s spirit. Plus, when somebody receives a positive note, they’re more likely to write a positive note. Thus, issuing a chain reaction and spreading positivity in your world.

I like to keep of box of my signature cards, whale all occasion cards from Target, on my desk for random note writing, and more seasonal blank cards throughout the year.

Here are some fun blank cards you can find at Target:

  1. Bella Blue Foil Thank You Cards

    Looks like Tiffany Blue 😉

2. Gold Cat Pink Notecard Box


3. Line Art City Scene Holiday Boxed Cards

Holiday chic 😮

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Thanks for…
  • I like how you…
  • I appreciate…
  • I noticed…
  • I just wanted to say…

You can follow these prompts with anything positive about the note receiver like his/her cheerfulness, helpfulness, or kindness! Try it at home, at work, at school, or even to employees you see regularly at your favorite places.

Have fun and thanks for reading 🙂



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