After searching meetups in my area, I discovered a Reiki circle near me and went to my first Reiki meeting.

It took place inside a small spiritual center, which was hidden from the street by big, bushy trees, on a chilly Wednesday afternoon. As I walked down the hall to the meeting room, the smell of incense grew stronger. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find the smell’s source. There was an absence of incense smoke and no fragrant sticks in sight.

The door to the meeting room was like a portal. Once inside, you were in a tranquil trance. The room was dark and relaxing. There was a small water fountain sitting on a counter, posters of chakra, aura, and reflexology reference charts lining the walls, and a fold out bed in the center of the room, which was covered by a white sheet and pillows. They called the bed the “healing table.”

There were only five of us all together. We each took turns on the healing table while the rest of the group healed.

At first, I didn’t really know what to do. The general idea was to hover your hands over the person on the healing table to balance energy and the chakras.

When it was my turn on the healing table, they asked if they had permission to touch and heal. I was impressed by the room’s overall considerate nature and comfortable environment 🙂 One of the more experienced healers took out crystals to aide my healing.

I was extremely surprised because the two more experienced healers, including the sessions Reiki master, almost immediately hovered their hands over an area in my right side where I had been feeling sharp pain for almost two weeks. She didn’t ask, but told me I was experiencing pain there. I knew I hadn’t done anything or said anything to let on that my side had been hurting, so I was frankly baffled by the experience!

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