With the holiday around the corner, it’s gifting crunch time. But the last on your gifting list are always the most difficult to shop for.

All of us have one. That person who doesn’t want anything. They’re impossible to gift because they don’t like things cluttering their space. At the same time, you’re going to gift them anyway because you simply can’t not. So, here are my top five gifts for the minimalist:

  1. Mugs make great gifts for the minimalist. Everybody uses mugs, you can choose from a huge variety on Amazon, and your giftee will happily tuck it in a kitchen cabinet to avoid clutter!missnaughty
  2. Phone cases are always fun to switch up. You’re minimalist will get good use out this Pink Furry Thing iPhone 6 case from Urban Outfitters!


3. Shaving kits are a great choice for the minimalist men in your life. Another Urban Outfitter find is the Proraso Travel Shave Kit. You know he’ll use it!


4. Bath bombs are bomb gifts for minimalists. Lush’s best-selling bath bomb is full of yummy, relaxing ingredients. Let’s be real—who wouldn’t be excited to get a bath bomb?


5. Books are perfect gifts for the minimalist who’s thirsty for knowledge. Once your minimalist has read the book, they can keep it around on their bookshelf or pass it along for someone else to read. The only trick is which to pick! Try a non-fiction books like The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. Make it an even more thoughtful gift and snag a signed copy from Barnes and Nobel.


Our minimalists are always difficult to shop for because they don’t like to keep a ton of things around. But when you think like a minimalist, you can gift like a minimalist. I hope this list makes your shopping a little easier.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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